I love a good love story.  I'm completely serious when I say that I go through a romance novel once every 3 days.  It's gotten to the point where my husband has given me a budget on the amount of books I can buy because I go through them so quickly! 


I especially love the stories of the man who is completely head over heals, would do anything for his woman type of guy.   I love the women in the stories who are supportive but not timid.  They voice their opinions and together, her and her man build a strong, long lasting relationship.  One built on a deep connection. An understanding of each others quirks.  A marriage of best friends.  This is the type of love story I love to help tell with my photos.  


My husband, Dan is not quite as sappy as me.  But together we have that strong, understanding and deep connection.  We were high school sweet hearts even though he lived 5 hours away (we met at camp).   We were each others FIRST boyfriend and girlfriend.  I absolutely LOVE that! 


Together we are looking for couples that have their quirks, who love to laugh and have that soul connection together.   We love capturing moments but we also want you to be completely relaxed with your choice of photographer.  To trust us to capture your unique story.....and have fun during the day.   We aren't very serious people.  While we're not "funny" we are extremely sarcastic and love to lighten the mood and make capturing your photos super enjoyable!


It is really amazing to build the life with your "one and only".  To dream together, have munchkins together (if it's in the cards for you) and enjoy the simple moments together.   We now have two lovely little girls who we get to share our dreams with and grow together!  


If you just swooned a little, I would love to be able to chat with you about photographing your special moments in life!



Catrina's Favorite Things:                                                    Dan's Favorite Things:

Chai Tea                                                                              Pizza

Oreo's                                                                                  Mt. Dew

Romance Novels                                                                  Red Sox (no judging!)

Movie Nights                                                                        Smushed face puppies (Pugs, Boston Terriers etc)

Puppies                                                                                Fantasy Baseball

Pajamas                                                                               Settlers of Catan