Associate Photographer Program


Are you as obsessed with weddings as I am?  Even growing up I knew that I wanted to do something with weddings.  In fact, I went to school for Hotel/Restaurant management.  The dream was to open up my OWN wedding venue.  Little did I know, God had different plans for me.   I met up with a childhood friend who was doing wedding photography and the rest is history.  I fell in love with it! 

I know a lot of creatives don't love both the photography side of things AND the business side of things.  I'm one of those weird ones that actually enjoys both sides :)  I've always been super organized and thrive in making workflows and finding the most efficient ways of doing things.  I absolutely love editing photos and over the years have fine tuned our process so we can get the clients photos back to them really quickly. 

While Dan and I LOVE being a husband and wife photography team we are looking to expand and be able to take on more wedding clients.  We are looking for photographers that are just as excited about weddings as we are, who are super chill to work with (I don't do drama well) and who will continually treat our clients like the awesome people they are.  We will do anything for our clients on their wedding day and are looking for individuals who know that while yes, we have a super important job to do (Hello, photography is the only thing you will take with you and hang on your walls for years to come) that we will still do anything that makes the Bride and Groom's day a little easier.  Can't bustle that dress (we've got that!),  Bridesmaids aren't helping at all, we help the bride.  Bride is having a melt down, we help with that too.  I want our clients to know that we are there for them no matter what.  That they can trust us with one of the most exciting days of their life.  Yes we need to be available to capture all the events at the wedding, but we need to be available for them as well. 


So how does this program work? 

Here is a basic outline of what to expect: 


  • We will be the main contact for the Bride and Groom.  We will handle gathering all the contracts, dates, times etc. 
  • We will handle the editing of all the photos after the wedding day. 
  • We will also be corresponding back and forth with the bride and groom in regards to their album. 
  • We will build off of your current photography knowledge and help you learn our brand and the signature shots that our couples often look for. 
  • If you aren't quite comfortable with a certain aspect of a wedding day, type of photography (night pics etc) please be honest.  We will love to help our team learn all these different aspects of the day to help them grow. 
  • We will be hosting some workshops throughout the year in order to help out with any questions you may have



  • You LOVE wedding and engagement photography. 
  • Live in the Northeast (although it would be great to expand further at some point)
  • You don't stress out easily and are able to perform in high pressure situations (because lets face it, weddings are SUPER stressful)
  • You love taking photos and are either: 
    • Not into the business side of things
    • Want to fill in your calendar
    • Want to gain more experience 
  • You have your own gear
  • You have your own means of transportation
  • You are receptive to feedback (I promise I'll be nice about it!)
  • Lead photographers of the day may be asked to also assist shooting the engagement session and final meeting with the couple to finalize timelines.  You will be compensated for this :)
  • Extremely personable and friendly.  One of the big things we hear is how easy it was to work with us.  We are all about creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere while shooting. 


Sounds like something you may be interested in?  I would love to chat with you more!

Please go to the below link and complete the application.  I will be in contact with you shortly either way (because lets face it, no one wants to be left hanging). 

Have any questions along the way?  Please feel free to ask!   

I will be meeting with each potential photographer so we can discuss everything more in person! 


$100/hour for Lead Photographer

$50/hour for 2nd Photographer


Associate Photographer Application