What is an Associate Photographer?

An associate photographer is a photographer who works with the Catrina Carlson Photography team.  They are vetted, interviewed and tested by myself and Dan so we can be sure they are the right fit for the team.  

They would be available to shoot weddings when we are already booked ourselves.   

The Associate photographers are just as passionate about your wedding experience as I am.  They will be there for you throughout your whole day and make sure you have a fabulous experience.  

When booking an associate photographer, you would be receiving the same experience you would with us, but at a slightly discounted price point. 

While the associate would be with you throughout the day, I will be working with you on the back end with finalizing details for the wedding through editing your photos, posting some sneak peeks and through the album process. 

The editing style you see on our site will be how all the photos from the associates will appear after we edit them. 


How do we go about booking an Associate photographer? 


If you are interested in booking with one of our associates, please let me know! 

You would complete the same inquiry form below as you would if you were booking directly with us. 

All correspondence would come directly through me.   I will then reach out to my Associates to check to see who is available for your date.   

Once I have the availability, I will reach out to you with the available Associates.  You would pick your favorite 3 people and rank them.    The 1st chosen associate would be your lead photographer for the day.  They will be the ones directing the photos etc.   The 2nd one chosen would be your 2nd photographer for the day (available for all packages except the 4 hour package).  The 3rd ranked photographer would be your back up just in case. 


Pricing and Details

Pricing for the Associate photographers are at a 15% discount of the package price.  

Just like when you book us (Catrina and Dan) your package will include: 

  • Consultation Meeting - We love to get to know our Carlson couples and what your expectations and dreams are about your wedding day. 
  • Engagement session (if included in your package) will be shot by Catrina and/or your Lead Photographer for the day. 
  • Meeting a few weeks before your wedding day to go over your timeline and any questions you may have.  I will also send you a timeline sheet to complete.  You can do this ahead of time or we can complete together during our meeting.  I will often try to get the lead photographer for the day to attend the meeting as well so you can get to know them a little before the day as well. 
  • The day of the wedding your Lead photographer and 2nd photographer will come at the determined times and capture your wedding day. 
  • After the wedding day, they will back up the photos and then send me them.  I will load them and do your sneak peeks within a week of your wedding. 
  • Once the photos are completed, I will send you the gallery of the edited images and begin walking you through the album process. 


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