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2014 - A Pretty Awesome Year

January 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm just going to start off saying I am in no way a great writer.  I'm a photographer!  I do not have a way with words like some people are blessed with.  However, I do want to share things along the way that could help brides and future clients see my work as well as some thoughts that I have.  

So here it goes.  My first blog post.  Oh the butterflies are fluttering, haha.

2014: I started the year out not thinking that it was going to be my best photography year yet.  

So what has changed so much in 2014 that has help set me up to have a Rockin 2015?

  • My website was born.  
  • I set goals that were way to low in 2014 and ended up almost 4x the amount of weddings that I anticipated me having the pleasure to photograph.  I think my goals for this year are more challenging and I believe that I can make them which is exciting!!!
  • One of the biggest changes as that my husband's interest in photography grew as well and now he is my second shooter for weddings/events!!!  Which is awesome!  Who wouldn't want to work with their best friend all the time, right?!?!
  • I have also learned a ton of new techniques that I love and will improve on more this coming year.
  • I also never thought that there would be a glimmer of hope at doing something that I love full time.  I now see that there is plenty of potential of doing photography full time so I can now set goals for that.  It's in the not so distant future and my mind is buzzing with all the potential things that I could do to expand my photography business when I am able to concentrate on it full time!!!  Oh the possibilities!!!!
  • 2015 will be the first year that I will be offering custom designed albums.  I haven't started including them in my packages yet, but they are out there as an a la carte option.  I love the process of making the albums and I can't wait to be able to start providing these to my clients!!!
  • I can now be found on the world wide web!!  Now, you may wonder, "You have a website why wouldn't you be found on the web????"  I've learned that if you type in "Catrina Carlson Photography" into a Google search, that yes I would come up as a result.  However, I wanted to be found on generic searches that people do.  What happens when someone needs something and don't know where to find it?  They Google it! Being able to change and adapt my website to be able to be found is an ongoing process and something I need to continue to work on for 2015.
  • Better equipment.  Now, the equipment doesn't "make" the photographer.....however, I have to say that the better equipment is soooo much easier to work with!!!!!!  Now sporting not one, but two Canon 5d Mark iii's has helped a lot!  Love them!!!!   

So yeah, 2014 was pretty awesome and will be hard to beat!  BUT, I have every intention to knock 2014 out of the water with what is in store for 2015.  And I have to say, I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!!!

Be on the look out for many more blog posts from me!  I'll soon be featuring some of the weddings that I have worked along with some other shoots as well!



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