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Tips for your Newborn Session

April 23, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Anyone that knows me knows that I am in LOVE with ALL babies!!!!  They are just so adorable!!!  It is such a treat to be able to capture the first few days of a babies life so it can be cherished in years to come!!!

If you have set up a session or are considering setting up a session with me or any other newborn photographer, please see some below tips that I have accumulated in order to help your session move as smoothly as possible.

First off Newborns are best photographed between 4-10 days of life.  You know those awesome sleepy shots, well they were most likely done during this time frame.  After the two week mark the baby starts to stay awake for longer amounts of time and becomes more and more alert.  Now, even if you schedule your session in this time frame, your baby still may decide to stay awake during the session.  But don't worry there are so more tips below to help with that and if they do want to stay awake, well they are still adorable!

Decide who you may want in your photos ahead of time.  Sibling photos are great but often the older sibling gets a little antsy if they have to wait until the end of the session to have their turn with baby.  I would have the sibling photos/family photos first and then have a family member or friend there to help watch the sibling during the remainder of the session. 

If there are any colors or themes that you want to try to incorporate into the photos then let your photographer know.  If you are more of a bold color person or more natural colors for instance.  Or if you want to try and keep with the colors of the nursery etc.  Otherwise I'll just pick out some super cute things to bring to your session based on what I'm feeling that day.  

I am an on location photographer.  Meaning I do not have a studio.  One day maybe, but for now I will travel to your home in order to do the photos.  Newborns may be super tiny, but they come with A LOT of photography props.  On your session day, be sure to make note of where the best lighting is in your house and try to clear as big of an area as you can.  Backdrops and props take up a nice chunk of space so it helps if an area is cleared out ahead of time.   If you would like to end your session with some "lifestyle" shots of you and baby around the house, in babies crib, on the bed, couch etc then be sure to make sure the area is free of clutter. 

If you have something sentimental that you would like to include in the photos, set it aside and let me know so I can plan accordingly.  

If you are nursing, try to avoid eating anything spicy that could upset the baby's tummy for 24 hours preceding the session time.  If you are bottle feeding, be sure to have lots of extra bottles for baby. 

Try to keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before the session start time to ensure he or she is sleepy for the session.  Give the baby a bath, interact with baby or anything to keep baby alert for as long as possible.  This way, you'll have a session full of sleepy baby photos!!

Try to feed baby as close to the session start time as possible.  If the baby is a quick eater, feel free to wait until I get there to start feeding.  I have to unload all my gear and set up backdrops and things anyways so it'll give you some additional time!

Dress baby in loose clothes and put diaper on loosely to avoid any lines in their skin.  Anything you have to pull over the babies head will most likely wake them up!

Keep the house super warm for baby.  If your baby is going to be in their birthday suit most of the time then keeping things warm will help keep him or her comfortable for the duration of the session. 

If the baby takes a pacifier be sure to keep it handy!  This will help tremendously in keeping baby asleep!

Sessions last between 1-2 hours.  Please feel free to relax and either watch, catch up on reading or anything around the house as I know this is a long time to simply sit and watch me take photos of your little one. 

If you have ideas for your session let your photographer (or me) know!  We LOVE incorporating something unique into your session whenever possible!   If you would like to see any backdrops or props that I have please let me know and I can send you a gallery collection of what I have on hand.  

Babies have to be one of my favorite things to photograph!  

Last but not least, do not wait until last minute to schedule your session.  Schedule a tentative date based on your due date and we can adjust accordingly if you deliver early or late.  I make sure to stay in contact with my moms to see if we are still on schedule or if we need to adjust our contracted session time.  Babies are unpredictable so we're prepared to work around babies timeline a bit!


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