Why Get A Professional Wedding Album vs. DIY Albums

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So I know this can be a touchy subject for a lot of people.  Brides and Grooms are constantly looking for ways to save money for their wedding day and opting for a DIY album compared to getting an album professionally made by your photographer often tends to happen. 


I have decided to write this post to help the brides and grooms out there who are on the fence about getting an album professionally made or making one themselves. 


First let me start off that your wedding is one of the most important days of your life!  You have put so much time, sweat and tears along with lots of money in order to plan out the perfect wedding day!  Now as a photographer I'm a bit biased in regards to photography being one of the most important aspects of the day.  The venue sets the tone for the wedding (barn weddings get the rustic feel etc) The food is of course important as you want your guests to enjoy what you have selected.  The DJ controls the mood of the room.  I have seen numerous DJ's that simply did not understand the crowd they were catering to.  A great DJ reads the crowd and will always play what will get the most guests to enjoy themselves.  People remember the party and how much fun they have.  So I really do believe in making sure you have an amazing DJ!  Videographers capture the most important aspects of the day so you can sit back and watch the moments unfold.  Some of which were seen and you were a part of and some moments that you missed during the craziness of the day.  


Wedding video's and wedding photos are the only tangible items that you get to keep from your day.  A good photographer and videographer should be able to capture every aspect and emotion of the day for you so when you look back on the day from years to come, it will be recreated in beautiful detail that will help trigger lots of happy memories that were shared with family and friends.  This is why I think photography and videography are some of the most important parts of the wedding.  But like I said, I'm biased!!!  :)


So here is my reasoning showing why a professional wedding album vs a DIY album may be better for you.  Trust me, I'm a bargain hunter so I completely get that the price tag for professional wedding albums can be a bit scary sometimes.  But trust me, they are worth it!


First, my reasoning to getting a wedding album created in the first place.

1. Technology is always changing.  I offer the digital files for all of my sessions and weddings.  Clients are able to share on social media and from their iPads, tablets and phones.  However, that iPad isn't going to last forever.  So when you go to look back on your photos 10 years from now, they could be difficult to find.  


2. Wedding albums are fun to show off!  There is just something different about sitting down on the couch with a loved one and paging through your wedding album versus sitting on a computer to look at all 1000 images your photographer gave you.  Looking at that many images on the computer can be tiresome and towards photo 800 you are just done!  A wedding album is designed to recreate the mood and emotions of the day while capturing all the important moments to reminisce on.   I once heard a story about a bride and groom looking at their wedding album every anniversary.  Sitting back on their couch and paging through all the photos and sharing different memories they have of that day.  What a great way to remember your wedding day!!  I really don't think the same effect would be had sitting at your computer and looking at every image of the day or sitting on the couch looking at the images saved to your phone on a 4 inch screen.  It's the tangible things that often recreate the strongest emotions.


3. Imagine 50 years from now sitting down with your grandchildren and spouse and going through your wedding album page by page.  


4. Visual Storytelling.  A well created album will tell the story of your entire date.  This makes every album as unique as every wedding.  I often see some clients go and design their own album and just select photos they like rather then photos that tell a story.  When your photographer creates your album and helps pick the images to go in your album, it will be to tell the story of your day. 


So why should you have your photographer help create your album rather than a do it yourself album? 

1.  Often times clients are so frazzled by the time their wedding comes and passes that the last thing you want to do is sit down and page through hundreds if not a 1000 images and pull some to create an album.  Lets face it, we are allllllll soooo busy!   It is hard to sit down and commit time to actually put together your wedding album.   The reason photographers charge so much for their albums is because they put hours of work into them and not because they want to make a quick profit.  There is nothing quick about the album design process. 


2. Your photographer knows your story.  Knows the story of your wedding day and all the aspects that unfolded throughout the day.  Even as they are working on the edits of the photos they are thinking of what photos would work perfectly in a wedding album.  


3. When your photographer is photographing your wedding, they are probably shooting certain items for the album specifically that will help tell the story of your day. 


4.  Like I mentioned above, many brides/grooms choose photos that they like rather then photos that tell your story.  Yes you want photos you like in your album.  However, wouldn't you rather look back and see a story unfold as you page through your album, rather then a bunch of random photos?  If you express what is important to your photographer of to include in your album they will make an appoint to make sure some of those photos are included. 


5. DIY albums are often on thinner pages that can ripe or fade over time.  Professional wedding albums are made on photographic paper with super thick pages that feel more like cardboard then paper.  


6.  The Craftmanship.  Do it your self albums are often cheaper because they are mass produced.  Everything in the album is automated allowing prices to remain lower.  However, professional albums are bounded by hand and every step of the process is looked over by a real live person!  I keep saying that I want to get a Shutterfly or Blurb album developed so clients have a tangible example of the differences in the DIY vs the Professional wedding albums. 


7. DIY album companies often have "drag and drop" technology making your album the same as other wedding albums.   Your wedding was super unique and your wedding album should reflect that.  


Now I try to make my album process as easy as possible.  Why not let your photographer do all the hard work of creating your album so you can sit back and enjoy your newly married life together.  Then once you receive your album you can enjoy it for years to come! 





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