Winter wonderland

Spring Beginnings

Summer Luvin

Beautiful Fall Colors

Here are some tips to help decide on the best time of year for your wedding day!


Do you love the stillness of Winter. The way the snow flurries add a bit of magic to the day? Or are lets be honest, always hot and just long for wearing shorts when its 20 degrees out? Then a Winter wedding may be your cup of tea! Another perk of winter weddings, since it's the "off season" here in the Poconos and Lehigh Valley...or just the entire Northeast in's can sometimes even save you money! Some vendors book at a discounted rate in the winter!

Spring beginnings

The new buds on the trees. Cherry Blossoms. Mild weather. There are so many things to love about Spring Weddings! While the weather may be mild, Spring tends to be a bit wetter than Fall would be. So just something to keep in mind. However, there is just something refreshing about Spring weddings. Here in the Northeast the vendors are excited to get to do what they love again after the slow season.

Summer Luvin

Many probably think that Summer is the most popular time to get married....and they would be partially right. While it's still more in demand than Winter, many avoid Summer to avoid the hot temps. Early Summer (June) and later in the summer (Early September) tend to be more popular than the dead of Summer. However, there are perks of summer weddings! The blooms are everywhere, the grass is green, the vendors are in full swing and planning for sunshine is the easiest during this time! Just make sure you keep some plan on how to cool down and keep the guests cool if you have a crazy hot day!

Fabulous Fall

Fall is now probably the most in demand time for weddings here in the Northeast. The temps are cooling off while you still get the summer vibs early on. While later in the fall is popular for having outdoor smores and other activities outside during the reception. The colors of the leaves are turning which make for beautiful backdrops as well. With all the mountains around us, it's no wonder that Fall has taken over as the most popular weddings dates. The most popular being the last week of September/First week of October.

Still can't figure out the best wedding dates?

Look at your wedding vibe to help:

If you want rustic, then Fall may fit into your theme a bit more.

If you like bright, vibrant colors, then Spring or Summer may be your best bet!

If you're not sure, start visiting some venues and stalking Pinterest to see what types of images you lean towards, what flowers are available that time of year for your florals, availability of your family/friends etc. Lots of factors can come into play with planning your wedding date and narrowing it down!