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Catrina Carlson Photography offers professional quality photos and has a more unique set up then traditional photo booth’s. We provide an “open air” alternative and can have a higher amount of people in each photo rather than trying to cram into a tiny space with all your friends. So what is the difference and how do we remain so affordable and fun?!?!?!?!?!

* First, we do not print on the spot (possibly in the future, but not right now) I know this is a HUGE thing for people as it is often used as part of a favor. However, please read the below to see our reasoning before moving on!

* During your event you will have a live preview to see the photo being captured. So what the camera see’s, you’ll see.

* You can fit a large number of people in your “booth”. Around 10 or so. Or however many people you can cram in front of the background without hurting anyone or anything!!!!

* There will also be a slideshow running on a TV Monitor for all the guests to see the photos that day. (Super fun and allows the non-dancers to have a little fun at least watching the photos that people are taking). The slideshow will magically have some fun edits applied to them prior to being seen as well!

* During the event, we will have a business card size card out that will have the website gallery that your photos will be loaded into. Please allow up to 4 days for the photo booth photos to be loaded onto the sight.

* We use quality DSLR cameras (the big “bad boys” as I like to call them!) This allows for a more quality photo then ones taken with some other options out there.

* Since they are higher quality photos, we edit the photos post event.

* Once the photos are loaded into your personal gallery (open or password protected), then you will be able to order as many or as little photos as you want!!! Make fun items such as keychains, magnets, collages etc. Also, since they are high quality photos, you can also enlarge them more than normal photo booth pictures.

* All the guests will be able to download the photos as well to use for Social Media sites (downloaded photos from this will be smaller quality so Social Media sites show properly)

* No limit of photos that can be taken

* If you go into the photo booth with lots of people, then everyone in the photo can download the photo instead of just getting two copies of it.

* Props are also provided and we are constantly adding to our collection!!!

* You will receive a free digital download of all the higher-resolution photos from the event!


So how much is this "photo booth"?????

For stand alone photo booth's (not booked with photography wedding/event package) it is a flat $100 fee and then $200 for each hour with a 2 hour minimum.  This price includes the digital download for you as well as your guests!!!

For a photo booth booked with a photography event (for example, a wedding) then it is a flat $350 for the digital download for the bride/groom and for every guest to have a digital download as well.  The second photographer would have to be booked (which is included in most wedding packages) in order to have the photo booth as an "add on" package!!


Some Other Photo Booth FAQ's

Is there a photo booth attendant?

Yes. All photo booth packages require an attendant to make sure things are running smoothly.

So you think your photos are better than traditional photo booths? Why?

Since we are using a DSLR camera (either a Canon 5d Mark III, Canon 70D or Canon 7D) we have more control over the settings. Rather than using a point and shoot camera or a web cam like traditional photo booths. The resolution of the photo is larger which enables you to enlarge the photo more. We also edit every photo so everyone looks their best in the photo.

How will people find the photo link?

Your event will come with business cards that have the personal link to the photo booth gallery that all guests can get into.

When will the photos be available?

Photos will be available between 4-5 days on the website. They do not take long to do, however we just allow a little wiggle room due to busier weekends with bookings.

What are my backdrop options?

We have a plain black backdrop as well as a gray backdrop. However, we are always adding to our collection. Message me for an updated list. If there is something specific you want to match the theme of your day, then let me know and we can purchase it for an additional fee.

Can you order prints/products online?

Absolutely!!!! We use mpix for our photos which provide high quality products. With a variety of products there are endless possibilities on how to display your photos!

Do you offer photography/photo booth packages?

Right now we offer a “photo booth” add on for any wedding package. This is a discounted, flat rate package. It’s discounted since you already purchased our time to photograph the wedding with two photographers. During the reception, the second photographer will be running the booth and at times taking photos of the dancing and stuff as well while the lead photographer will be acting as the event photographer. Since the photo booths are often set up on the dance floor, we are able to multitask as the photo booth will be set up in the way that it can run itself. As long as no one takes the remote that controls the camera!!!! Since we’ll be close by we can keep an eye on things as we’re photographing the event. Lets be honest, during the main parts of the reception (first dances, speeches, cake cutting etc) no one is going to be at the photo booth since all the attention will be on the bride and the groom! Just note for the photo booth add on package, that the second photographer must be in attendance. All the wedding packages include the second photographer so not to worry!

Does your photo booth do a count down before taking the picture?

Nope!!! We use a remote control to set the camera off. Either the photo booth attendant can be there taking the photos or if you trust you guests not to “forget” to leave the trigger at the booth, then the guests can have free rein with the trigger to snap as many photos as they want!

Can you do a photo booth outside?

To be honest, not really. We could….but the weather conditions would have to be perfect and we would also need access to a power source. We do have a long power cord we can run to a close outlet, however, it is preferred to host the booth inside or at least where it is protected from the “elements”

Is there anything that you need to set up?

We will need access to a traditional power outlet. Everything else, we will provide!!! If you have something specific to your event that you want to use as a prop or backdrop, feel free to leave at the event place and we will incorporate into the set up.