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Wedding F.A.Q's


1.  Do you provide videography as well?

At this time we do not provide videography.  However, please contact us for some recommendations of videographers in the area!

2.  Do you do destination weddings?

Sure! Please contact us for separate prices regarding destination weddings!

3. Have you shot at my venue before?

We have had the pleasure of photographing at a variety of places around the Lehigh Valley area.  Let us know what your venue is and I’ll let you know if we have shot there before.  If not, do not worry! We are very adaptable to the environment around us and are equipped to handle all sorts of situations!

4. What style of photography do you shoot?

I tend to lean more towards Lifestyle photography with light airy edits.  I will always shoot some traditional types of shots and I also love to provide some fun and different photos for each wedding to fit the personality of the clients I am working with.  If you lean towards a specific type of photography, let me know!  Although, I won’t necessarily change my shooting style, in a pinch, it’ll help me decide what type of shot you would like better so I can deliver a photo that is more your style.  

5. How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?

This will vary for each wedding.  I normally suggest at least an hour or two of getting ready photos, if not more.  It depends on how much you want to document.  (some want us to be there for hair and make up and some just want the items like dress, flowers etc and getting dressed documented).  However, for formal photos, I suggest at least an hour.  Please factor in travel time and keep in mind that if a receiving line is chosen, that this would need some time planned as well as it normally takes around ½ an hour for all the guests to say their congratulations.   If you want a slew of formal photos with your family, bridal party and just the happy couple, then plan additional time so you’re not rushed.

6. I have a lot of down time in between events on my wedding day, would I be charged for this?

Photography coverage is a consecutive amount of hours starting at the before ceremony photos to the reception photos.  Although, you may have downtime between things during the day, the vendors are often busy capturing details, heading over to the reception early to capture things, backing up photos that are already taken etc.

7. Why do we need to charge for additional coverage?

Additional coverage doesn’t just mean an additional hour or two of coverage at the event, it also means additional photos to look through and edit after the wedding.

8. When can we expect to see our wedding day photos?

I aim to complete all photos and have the photos to you within 3-5 weeks of the event.

9. When can we expect to see our engagement photos?

2-3 weeks is the amount of time I ask the clients to allow for any portrait session.  However, most times I am able to get it to the client sooner, I like to allow for the extra time due to fluctuations in work load (some seasons are a lot busier than others).

10. When should we do our engagement session?

Your engagement session can be done whenever you choose!!!  Some like to do the session early so they can use the photos for save the date cards.  While others aren’t in a rush.  Although, I do suggest doing the session prior to the event to help get both of you comfortable in front of the camera, with each other and to also allow you to meet your second shooter for your wedding day if possible.  Engagement sessions are super laid back and are probably one of my favorite things to capture!

11.How many images do you typically deliver from an engagement session or wedding?

I don’t like to promise a certain amount of photos.  Based on how many events or things you have going on during your wedding, can drastically increase or decrease the amount of photos you receive.  (If you choose to not have any “getting ready” photos, this can decrease the amount of photos you receive by around 200.  If you have a reception where tons of people are dancing and having a grand old time then your amount of photos would increase.  I tend to not take photos of people just eating.  I don’t like photos of me eating…it’s just not pretty!  However, I will say that it normally averages to at least 50-75 photos per hour of shooting time.

12. Do you back up your images? How can we ensure the images won't be lost?

Our main cameras have an option two use 2 camera cards at one time.  We have opted to use this option to ensure the images won't be lost if one of the cards is corrupt.  We back up our images as soon as we get home and keep the images on our cards until all editing is completed, your online gallery is updated with all the edited images and you receive all the images.  After you receive the images, we keep the original footage for 6 months and then only keep the smaller “Jpeg” files after that.  After the images are delivered we will then delete off of our cards so we may reuse them.

13. We are either out of town or really busy to be able to meet up.  What are our other options?

We could either have a Skype date or we can call and discuss everything and then afterwards I would send the electronic quote/contract to you to review, sign and submit.  I do like to meet all of my couples prior to the big day, but I know that we all live very busy lives or are just not from the area so meeting up is not always an option.

14. Do you travel to meet clients?

I do try to find a place that is semi half way between myself and my clients.   However, it is preferred to meet around the Lehigh Valley area.

15. How do I reserve you for my date?

First, contact me to see if I have your date available.  Once we discuss everything, a signed contract and deposit hold your date!!!

16.  What if we exceed our contracted time for our engagement or wedding day coverage?

Engagement sessions tend to run over the time I say (an hour) and is mostly because I talk… a lot!!  So I do plan for a little leeway here. I’m more focused on getting to know the couple and being relaxed around each other.  Most of the time it hovers just around an hour.  However, for weddings, if you know you are going to exceed your time, then let me know ahead of time and it’ll end up being cheaper.  If you ask us to stay the night of the wedding then the rate per hour doubles.

17. If we cancel the wedding, do we get our deposit back?

If you do cancel the wedding, the deposit remains with me.  This is simply because, since the date was booked, I may have lost business due to the date being booked.  However, any money beyond the 1/3 deposit will be yours.

18. If we change our wedding date, would we be able to use the deposit for the different date?

If I have that date available, then absolutely!!!

19. How much do I need for a deposit?

I require 1/3 of the contracted amount for a deposit on weddings.

20. Will you be shooting our wedding?

When you book with Catrina Carlson Photography, I will be shooting your wedding alongside with my second shooter aka my husband!  If for some reason I am unable to shoot your wedding personally, My second shooter will take the lead for me.  However, unless I am extremely ill, I wouldn’t miss your wedding!

21. What is your back up plan in the event that you are unable to photograph our event?

 If for some reason I am unable to photograph your event (almost nothing will make me miss it besides being extremely ill, having a broken limb, or am unable to walk!)Then my second photographer will take the lead and I will aim to find a second shooter to fill in.  If for some reason both me and my husband (second photographer) are both extremely ill, I will work with other photographers I know to find a suitable replacement for me.  If a photographer cannot be agreed on for a replacement, then all monies will be returned to you.

22. Do you offer photo booths for weddings?

We just started offering photo booths this year that can be added on to any wedding package!!!  Check them out here!!!

23. Do you offer any photo albums?

We are currently offering photo albums as an “a la carte” option that can be added onto any package!!!  Check out the prices here!!!