You're recently engaged and started to plan your wedding when you have a fab idea! Why not have my Uncle (or insert family/friend etc) officiate?!?!

I think it's so amazing to have them involved in your wedding day and absolutely adds a personal touch.

Between the personal touches, the fun childhood stories and inside jokes that they include into their message, there are a few things that I often find as trends with someone who hasn't officiated before:

  • Not telling the guests to sit down - I feel like this is such a big one. Everyone just awkwardly stands there not knowing if it's ok to sit or not. It's a little harder to get those full ceremony shots since all you see are guests standing etc. Definitely remind them to sit down. Or remind the moms that at this point into the ceremony to sit as the guests will follow them!
  • Forgetting a key part of the the rings. They get so excited and nervous about the message and what they have to do next that I have seen them forget to exchange the rings! Thankfully when this happened everyone just had a good laugh and went with it.
  • Standing behind the bride and groom during the first kiss. This can be a bit awkward but photo bombing the first kiss is one of the biggies. Just remind them to take a step out of the way while you lock lips!

Like I said, I love the personal touch this brings but some gentle reminders can go a long way to helping your ceremony run smoothly!