Studio Rental


Our in home studio is located in Saylorsburg, PA. It is a renovated garage with a separate entrance.  The walls are grey and the floors and ceiling are light so there is no color casting when photographing. 

There are also sheer curtains and blackout curtains to help control the light. 

You are able to utilize the furniture that is out including the bed, sette, chairs.  

You are also able to utilize the baskets on top of the closet as well as the newborn wraps/headbands/hats that are hanging up. 

The photo lights and backdrop stand are available as well. 


Rental rates: 

Per hour Weekday (Mon-Fri) - $25

Per hour Weekend (Sat & Sun) - $40

Whole day Weekday (8 hours) - $175

Whole day Weekend (8 hours) $250


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