I am Catrina and I'm so happy you're here!!!

I am a photographer myself and have worked closely with my husband over the years for our business. We have learned early on how important it is to be able to deliver beautiful photos to our clients in a timely manner. I started Carlson Editing Services as a way to work with other photographers so they are able to offer beautifully edited photos to their clients quicker than ever before. While also freeing up some more time for you as the photographer to do more of what you love! Light airy edits are our jam! But we love learning what makes your specific style unique as well! 

The Process

style consult

After we determine we're a good fit from our initial meeting, I will set up a style consult. This will really help me dig deep into your particular style and what makes your work unique. From here you will send over some test edits for a trial run.

Schedule dates

You will have your own individual calendar that you will add your wedding or session dates to that I will share with you. Each quarter, I will go through and confirm the dates as well as set out a calendar to book your editing appointments on! Once you have your anchor images ready, you will send them over to me on your scheduled appointment date.


I work in Lightroom for my editing. Lightroom is such an amazing program and allows us to utilize Smart Previews for editing instead of exchanging the large RAW files. This helps cut back time for uploads and downloads. You will have your Dropbox account that you will drop the smart previews into, and I will edit from there!

final photos

Once the photos are completed, I will send the catalog back to you which will sync to all your original images. You will be able to export from Lightroom and be done!!

I invoice clients after the images are delivered and payment is due within 7 days of receipt.

It's really that easy!!!

I also offer Export/Import Guides that will tell you exactly what to do through the process so we can exchange images seamlessly!


base editing

White Balance
Shadow/Highlight Adjustment
Color Correction
Photo Straightening

$0.35 per image

Premium Editing

Teeth Whitening
Skin Softening
Slight Blemish Removal

Additional $0.40 per Image

Photoshop Editing

There are sometimes that editing may need to be taken into Photoshop. This is on rare occasions but do offer it as an option for an add on.

Quoted upon the type of work


Base Culling

You give us the percentage of images that you would like to keep from the session and we will cull the images down to that percentage.

$0.05 per image

Premium Culling

We cull based on a 3 tier rating system. We separate photos that could be used for social media/portfolio images, images that could also go in an album and then all others.

$0.10 per Image


Cover Design

Design cover based on album specifications and style


Album Design

You submit your images based on what you chose for the album and we will put an album design together for you!

$5 per spread