Little did they know that when Tom and his daughter moved next door to Brooke, that they would find their happy ever after. Both of them liked each other from across the yards but were both too shy to act on it until Tom finally asked Brooke out. 

Brooke was instantly attracted to how great of a father Tom was and how she could be herself around him. Tom loved how silly Brooke could be. 

Tom popped the question at the same location of their first date, Glen Onoko Falls. Tom took her back to the same exact location of their very first date. They all sat down in a quiet spot to relax. Tom acted like he was reaching in his backpack for a "snack" for Adrianna. He gave a box to Adrianna and said to "Go give this to Mommy and ask if she'll marry me". Brooke looked over and saw Adrianna holding the box and Adrianna stayed quiet and didn't say her "line". Brooke stared at Tom and asked what was going on as she took the box from Adrianna. She opened it and inside was the ring that Tom and Brooke had picked out together weeks earlier. Brooke started laughing as she took the ring out while Tom asked if that was a yes. Brooke obviously said yes and laughed the rest of the day until it hit her a few days later and she happily cried. 

Brooke and Tom held their wedding at the American Club of Coplay.  Although the weather was crazy HOT we were happy that it didn't rain the entire day. They had a relaxed day planned with family and friends, handed out water bottles and fans for the ceremony and started the first step of committing their lives to each other.

I wish Tom, Brooke and little Adrianna all the happiness!!!

Venue: American Club of Coplay

Florist: Brooke made all the flowers herself and they were awesome!

DJ: Trent Seibert