Caitlin and Colin met a few years ago through mutual friends. They visited a haunted house when in France and afterwards sat next to each other eating peanut butter eyeballs that Cait brought. After a few museum visits, Cait returned home. Colin later went to go visit her in the US and the rest is history. 

Cait loves that how sweet, creative and mysterious Colin can be. 

Colin loves that she is optimistic about everything and of course the peanut butter eyeballs she brought to the haunted house!

I'm thinking that they both love haunted house. You couldn't get me into the "kiddy" ones if you paid me. But I think it's awesome that they both enjoy it so much! In fact, that is where Colin proposed to Cait. She was thoroughly scared from the haunted house they visited. After she was terrified, Colin had an "evil elf" come with a severed hand holding out the ring. What a fun engagement story! 

Colin moved across the ocean to be with Caitlin. 

They got married February 20, 2016 and celebrated with family and friends in July. 

Congrats to both of you!!!

Venue: Parents Backyard Gardens

Cake: Sister Audra Enz

Band: Rocky & Friends

Caterer: Culinary Creations 

Florist: Branchburg Florist