Claudia and Anthony met online through Christian Mingle. They often joked about how their relationship was too good to be true, always wondering what the catch was. Anthony took her to the steel stacks and said that he was still wondering what the catch was. He got down on one knee and said that she was the catch and asked her to marry him. After a few reassurances that yes he was sure he wanted to marry her, she said of course! 

You can tell just by being in their presence for a short amount of time that they are completely in love. They make each other laugh and are some of the most genuine people!

Claudia walked down the isle at Holy Infancy Catholic Church in Bethlehem towards her love. I swear she was beaming through the whole ceremony and the rest of the day!

After the "I Do's" we all headed to The Loft at Sweetwater Country Club where we got to go gallivanting in golf carts to go get some photos of the two love birds.

The reception passed in a blur. Or maybe that was the professional salsa dancer that was there! Lets just say all the dancing was extremely entertaining. Now if only I could move like that!