Ever wondered if true love stories begin on Instagram? 📱💖 Meet Emily and Jon, whose love story unfolded in the most modern yet charming way. After catching glimpses of each other around Delaware Valley University, Jon took a leap of faith and slid into Emily's DMs. Their first date was not your typical Valentine's Day story. Planning to go bowling but finding not a single lane open, they ended up playing pool instead. 🎱 Little did Emily know, Jon's claim of being a novice was a playful hustle, leading him to victory but ultimately winning something far greater - her heart. 🥰

Is there anything more magical than finding someone who shares your love for all things Disney and adventure? 🌟 Emily and Jon, turned Tuesdays into movie nights with a side of Disney/Marvel/Star Wars/Pixar magic, thanks to AMC's discount movie nights. From the silver screen to the soothing serenity of local botanical gardens and the rich history of museums, their love is a journey through shared passions. 🎥🌺 When Disney became a theme of their first date, Emily knew Jon was her prince charming. But it didn’t stop there; Jon’s willingness to immerse himself in Emily's world, spending time with her horses at the barn, truly sealed the deal. 💖

In a scene straight out of a fairy tale, Emily and Jon's love story reached its magical peak under the canopy of Stroudsmoor Woodsgate's enchanting woods. 🌿✨ True to their hearts, their wedding day was infused with the whimsy of Disney, proving every moment was sprinkled with pixie dust. Though the morning greeted us with a dramatic downpour of 3 inches of rain, it seems even the skies couldn’t wait to witness their happy ending, clearing just in time to reveal a beautifully lit ceremony. 🌤️💍 Continue scrolling to see the magic unfold in a woodland setting with the personal touches that made their day truly theirs.

Thanks to the fabulous vendor team:

Venue, Florist & Cake: Stroudsmoor

DJ: Paris Kiriakis

Officiant: Father Jerry from St. Miriam Parish

Hair & Make-Up - Rad Beauty