Lets be honest here.  There are soooo many talented wedding photographers out there that it can be a bit overwhelming to find a photographer that is a right fit for your wedding day!  Below are a few things that I think are important when considering when looking around for your wedding photographer. 

Second, find out everything you can about them.  Read their blog posts (if they have one), check out the reviews, page through their social media sites etc.   This will give you insight about the type of person and type of photographer they may be.  

Lastly check out their prices.  I want everyone to be super cautious with this and make sure your final decision isn't solely based on prices.   There are a broad range of photographers out there fitting into all sorts of different prices points.  

Pocono Summer Wedding Bride and Groom Portrait

First and foremost though, you have to like their work.  You could get someone just starting out that has a great portfolio but before you book make sure you ask tons of questions to ensure that they are prepared to handle every situation that can come up on a wedding day.  If you're comfortable with their responses then go for it.  Just be careful because you often get what you pay for.    

I’m going to sidetrack for two seconds.  One thing you may want to check out with anyone you book is if they have back up equipment.  I'll be honest and say that I didn't always have back up equipment.  The OCD person in me is cringing at this fact now.  Thank goodness nothing happened when I was only working with one camera.  However, I had two situations over the years that could have completely ruined the day if I didn't have a back up.  One was when a bride was walking down the aisle and the camera and lens stopped communicating.  Thankfully I had another camera right on my hip and just kept on shooting.  I couldn't exactly pause the wedding and go get a back up.  Second, I just got a brand spanking new camera and it stopped working at the very first wedding I used it for.  Again, I had another camera so the night could go on.  I can't imagine what would have happened if I didn't have back ups in these situations.  So make sure whoever you book has backups!!!

Pocono Wedding Photographer Summer August Wedding with unique details

If you love everything else about the photographer, see if there is a way you can fit their pricing into your budget somehow.  

Are there payment plan options where you can break the payments up?

If the photographer you dream of having is out of budget, is there something that is not as high on your priority list that can be rearranged to get closer to your

photographer investment?

These pictures will last forever and there is almost always a way to rearrange things to fit in a photographer that you love. 

Once you have a few candidates make sure you set up a time to chat.  Ask to see some sample albums, possibly an entire gallery of a wedding etc.  Make sure to ask lots of questions and give them as many details and concerns about their wedding day that you may have.    

If you love their work, like what you're seeing online from other sites, and love their personality you may have a winner.    You will be spending your entire day with your photographer.  If you aren't able to be comfortable with them then it could show in your photos.  Be sure that you like their personality along with everything else.  

Love the work. Love their personalities and can work with the prices.   Those are the main things to look for.   Yes it's easier to find someone that is within your location to help narrow down searches.  However, most photographers are willing to travel so that's not a complete deciding factor. 

I hope that helps you in your search for your wedding photographer!