After many prayers and wondering where her prince charming was, Kaitrin and Tim met finally.  They originally met through a church group but lost touch over the years. One day when Kaitrin was taking a walk they ran into each other again.

They started hanging out with friends, talking via text messages for hours and then eventually Kaitrin accidentally asked Tim out. She casually asked him to go to a festival with her and some of her friends. He had plans. Without thinking she responded "...okay, do you want to hang out on Sunday then?" Realizing what she did she waited for his response...which was Yes!

Tim loved the way Kaitrin presented herself. "She was not superficial and was very down to earth and mature". Kaitrin love that Tim took time to get to know her before even going on a date. He would take her on long walks where they could have long conversations. 

Tim realized that he couldn't imagine his life without her. Kaitrin said she fell in love with him on their 3rd outing where they sat in the car for hours talking about what they were passionate about and how realistic life needed to be in their relationship.

Tim proposed at the Longwood Gardens. See he knew that it was one of Kaitrin's favorite spots. They found her favorite gazebo shortly after they arrived. Tim told her how much he loved her and that he had an early Christmas present for her. He got down on one knee and asked Kaitrin to be his wife. Tears of joy were so present that he had to ask her twice what she said...which was obviously a YES!

Many friends and family members came out on Saturday morning to help the lovely couple set up for their wedding day. Kaitrin arrived sporting the same button down shirt she wore for her engagement photos! The beautiful bride finished getting ready for her wedding day. Her dad joined her prior to the day to put on her necklace. See she grew up saying that her dad "had the key to her heart". Her dad placed the heart necklace on her and would later give the key to her heart to her waiting groom.

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