Marissa & Mike first met on a school bus over 10 years ago. Even then Marissa knew there was something special about him. Fast forward 8 years and Marissa saw Mike again at a skating rink. Her friends knowing she has had a crush on him convinced her to skate with Mike. The rest is history.  

Marissa loves how Mike can just light up a room with his personality. She loves how boisterous and handsome that he was as well.

Mike brought Marissa back to the skating rink to ask a re-ask a life changing question. He pulled her into the center of the rink, got down on one knee and re-asked her to marry him. Of course the answer was yes! 

Marissa and Mike got married at Dryland U.C.C. in Nazareth. The church was beautiful with stained glass windows and lots of light! 

After the ceremony we headed off to capture formal photos at Louise Moore Park. I love that I barley had to tell Marissa and Mike what to do. They were just so happy and in love that it absolutely showed in their photos! 

During their own photos, the rain decided to start. They were super cool with getting a little rain on them as we finished up a couple spots.

We headed off to LT Country Gardens for the reception where they celebrated their new life together with friends and family. 

I learned later that Marissa's parents also met at a skating rink. Fate at work!