I seriously think I have laughed the most at Nicole and Becky's wedding. I had a constant smile on my face because they were just so cute together!!! They were genuinely happy and excited to marry each other. The giddiness was infectious!  

Becky and Nicole met on an online dating site. Becky was urged by her best man to contact Nicole again after the first message did not go through. So he was definitely taking a bit of credit for them being together!  

Becky was able to completely surprise Nicole when she proposed. It was Becky's birthday and she suggested they get some friends and family together to celebrate. Here, Becky wanted them all together so they were there when she proposed. 

Their wedding was held at the Steele Club (formally Silver Creek Country Club). Even though it was a rainy day, they didn't let it affect their happiness. They were absolutely ecstatic to get married. Thankfully the weather gave us a bit of a reprieve so we could do some photos outside of the lovely ladies!

Congrats to you both!!

Venue:Steel Club


Cake: Custom Cakes by Adele

Officiant: June Teitelbaum

Florist: Songs from the Garden