Romantic blush styled shoot

I have to say, I have always been a bit interested in doing a styled shoot. My bestie photog friend Renee Catherine and I would love to host our own styled shoot next year. However, we were never at a styled shoot or workshop before. We set out to find a styled shoot that would fit something like we would like in the future. We stumbled upon one in Florida hosted by the wonderful Elise Van Der Lee.

We ventured out on Saturday morning and hauled ourselves down to Philly for our flight. The flight was delayed and we arrived in Florida a little later than we wanted to and didn't get into the hotel until almost midnight due to a little snafu.

We enjoyed the Florida sunshine with some friends on Sunday and then headed over to the shoot on Monday. We were both so nervous. Yes we are professional photogs but being in the presence of other amazing photogs puts a little added pressure on. I'm just so happy that Renee was up to going as well so I wasn't all by my lonesome! We bounced around to the different set ups: Details, Ceremony, Piano, Single Bride, Grooms getting ready, Reception details and the super cute and fun Mobile bar!

Already our minds are swirling with ideas of what we may be able to do for styled shoots down the road!!! Super excited to share some images that I'm a bit obsessed with from the day!

the Details




mobile bar



reception details