Ryan and Stephanie's wedding was held at the beautiful Stroudsmoor Inn in Stroudsburg, PA. Who would have thought that an April wedding would have had a freak snow storm!! Although the couple had to slightly change their ceremony location from overlooking the mountains to the heated deck it was still very beautiful!   

Ryan and Stephanie were even game to take photos in the snow which as a photographer we LOVE!!!! Coming prepared with clear bubble umbrella's the bride, groom and bridal party set off for some snowy formals. 

The couple was announced and enjoyed their first dance as husband and wife. Later that night the weather cleared up and you could see the beautiful view of the mountains. We snuck out of the reception to grab a few more photos with the newlyweds.

The couple also planned on doing a different type of send off. Instead of the normal sparkler send off they used glow sticks!!! This was my first time seeing this and I loved it!!! 

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