Stacey & Chad

Met over 4 years ago. On their first day they went to Putt U with Stacey's daughter. Even though they were both very introverted, they met up again a week later and got to know each other even more. Even if it's just cuddling on the couch watching TV or traveling to Tennessee they love being in each other's company.

Chad had this elaborate plan to rent a hot air balloon (which he did) for New Years eve and have flowers and the kids there and so he could propose. Doing a hot air balloon in winter had a long shot of working and the weather just did not cooperate. So on New Years Eve he got home from work and asked Stacey to go downstairs to wash a shirt for him. So she obliged while he set up flowers and got the kids together. When she went back up he was down on one knee in their dining room with a dozen roses and the ring. Even though he was super nervous she loved that he got the kids involved in the proposal.

They decided to have a summer wedding at the Meadows in Saucon Valley. Our amazing associates, Bill and Meghan met Stacey at her house to get ready. Their smiles while Stacey got dressed showed the anticipation and joy for what was to come later that day.

They chose to have a first look (which I absolutely adore) and our team got to capture the first moments that Chad saw his lovely soon to be wife!

Chance made a debut during the ceremony and stole some of the show with his adorableness! A pup in a tux any day is so cute!

Congratulations Stacey, Chad and family! Thank you for having our team be part of your special day!

Thanks to the amazing vendors:

Venue: The Meadows of Saucon Valley

Florist: Richmar Florist

DJ: DJ Jimbo

Wedding Planner: Bloom Planning Co

Officiant: Pastor Brown

Make Up: Make up by Holly

Hairdresser: Josephine Morante

Videographer: Cinematic Love Stories