Did you know that there are different types of wedding food and that it doesn't have to be a sit down meal?!?!?!

Don't get me wrong, the sit down dinners are amazing and there can be some real creativity with some dishes. I feel like in the past year or two the chef's have kicked it up a notch and have created some fab foods for the reception. Between the appetizers, dinner and dessert, there are a bunch of different options to explore!

Traditional dinners

Just to throw this one in here to give it merit because lets be honest, this is what we see about 80% of the time! Traditional dinners would include a plated dinner, buffet or a more fun twist on the buffet, STATIONS! Now we're just getting fancy here 😍 I will put a shameless plug in here and say my favorite station by far is a mashed potato bar!

cocktail hour

Cocktail hour can get really fun based on the venue/caterer. This is normally where the chef's get to play a bit and create some delicious dishes! Some normal cocktail hour foods are a cheese/meat platter, antipasta and fruit/veggies. But there is a whole world of other fun appetizers out there. Some of our favorites of recent: Mac & Cheese Bites, Stuffed Mushrooms, Filet on some sort of scrumptious toast with cheese (I'm not fancy, ok), grilled cheese/tomato soup dippers and cheesesteak rolls. I honestly couldn't tell you about the fish ones since I avoid those at all costs. So I'm not even going to pretend there! Point is, there are so many fun and different options out there now. It kind of makes me want to plan another wedding just so we can plan some fab food!


So this one is at the far end of the spectrum of wedding food. But food trucks!?!?!? I mean this just sounds like so much fun! Get a couple different types of food trucks, pay a flat rate to cover your guests and everyone gets to pick and choose different dishes. Top it off with a dessert truck!

pizza or taco STATION

I have seen a few weddings where we are on the reception floor capturing everyone dancing and having a good time. Then I see a pizza or taco station being set up and my mind is just blown. Designed to be a quick snack later in the night (and lets be honest, probably helps to soak up some of the alcohol guests drink) this can add a bit of fun to your reception and an added bonus for those guests that aren't all about the dancing!


Goodness, I don't even know where to being on this one!

Donut stations, cake pops, cookie favors, smores, candy counters, cotton candy OH MY!

Decisions Decisions.

Or you could go all out and have a Viennese Hour which is pretty much a room full of desserts.

Cupcakes are always a fun go to as well since you can have a few different fun flavors that guests can choose from.

Why not top things off with a Sundae bar!


These could get really fun! I saw one while scrolling on Insta, a Limencello cart that doubled as favors!! Beverages carts, Wine carts, Beer Carts, really anything with cart in the title throws a fun take on wedding drinks!

See weddings are getting more and more creative with the types of dessert. You can totally do a sit down dinner and cake....OR you can throw your own little take on some fun food too! Just some *food* for thought!!!! 😆