Old Carter Barn Summer Wedding Day


Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A.No we do not. We go through every image and pick out the best ones for you! There are times when we take multiple photos of the same pose/picture simply to make sure there are no "blinkers" and everyone is looking at the camera etc. We do however deliver all edited images and most images have a color and a black and white copy.

Do you edit/touch up every image I receive?

A.Every image that you receive will be enhanced/edited!!

What do you mean by touching up?

A.To me, touching up is just "tweaking" or "enhancing" the images that we took on your day. When needed, we may apply some different types of techniques in order to make the image the best it can be!!

What rights do I have to the images?

A.You have full printing rights to the photos to print as you wish. I as the photographer, have the rights to use the images as part of my portfolio to better display some of my work for future clients. However, the only area I do ask what level of photos I can share, if any at all, is for boudoir photos. Do to the sensitivity of the photos I do work with the client on what images can be used for part of my portfolio, if any at all. That being said, if you do not want your images displayed, do not want them on Facebook etc, then please let me know and I will be happy to accommodate!!

How does the digital download process work?

A.Digital downloads are a relatively new way to offer photos to clients. In lieu of a CD/DVD/USB of the images, a digital download is included for free for all of my packages. In plain terms, every session receives an online gallery with their images. Once all the images have gone through our editing process, they will be uploaded to the online gallery and from there, your selection can be downloaded. They will download as a "zip file" and once opened, will be saved to your computer. Don't worry! I will give you step by step directions on how to go through the download process when the time comes!

Do you back up your images? How can we be sure they won't be lost?

A.We back up our images as soon as we get home and keep the images on our cards until all editing is completed and your online gallery is updated with all the edited images. We also have a second hard drive that the images are backed up to at the same time. After you receive the images, we keep the original footage for 6 months and then only keep the smaller "Jpeg" files after that. The images will always be available on my website as well!!!

Do you have liability insurance?

A.We do!!! If you need a copy of it, please let me know and I will email it to you!!!

If I make my payments via cash or check, would we avoid paying sales tax or receive any discounts?

A.All payments are subject to tax regardless of the form of payment.

Can I see an event from start to finish?

A.Sure!!! I can either show you an entire event during our meeting or can send you a web based version!!!!

Do you offer any photo albums?

A.We do!! Most wedding packages include a photo album! You can also add a photo album onto any of your photos sessions!

How much do I need for a deposit?

A.Weddings are 1/3 down and all other sessions are 50% due as a retainer fee.

How did you get started in photography and what training did you have?

A.It all started when I met up with a childhood friend of the family. After a lot of discussion about her photography business and how I was always interested in taking classes (you know like “oh when the kids grow up” type of thing). She was in need of a second photographer later in the year and offered to train me throughout the summer and share all her wisdom! This worked out great for me as I learn much better “on the job” and retain information a lot easier that way as well. Due to the travel distance between us, I decided to branch out on my own. Since then I actively seek out new techniques and ideas.

What is your back up plan in the event that you are unable to photograph our event?

A.If I am unable to shoot your event due to illness, unforeseen circumstances, broken limbs etc, then my second shooter or a member of our associate team will take the lead. If both of us and our associate team are unable to shoot the event, then I will work with other photographers I know to find someone for your date of equal skill.