So last year I wrote out some goals for myself and my business. I have decided to go through and see what I have actually accomplished and what is being added to my goals for 2017.

2016 Goals:

I want to be able to offer services to clients that not every photographer offers. I'm looking into doing same day slideshows at weddings so guests and clients can see a sampling of their photos. I still have a few more ideas that I'm mulling over as well. 

  • I did start out doing this in 2016 but did not keep up with it! Hopefully in 2017 we'll be able to make this an every wedding occurrence!

- Exceed my booking goals again. Ok so that is a semi easy goal to come up with. To accomplish, it's a bit harder. We shall see!!! 

  • 2016 I well exceeded my booking goals. 2017 goals are slightly different. The goal is still to maintain prior goals, but with still having time for family.

-Doing a bridal show (and it's already booked!!!) Allentown Brewworks on Feb 28th! 

  • Done!!! :) I did learn that bridal shows aren't really for me. They work for tons of creatives, but they aren't my cup of tea which is completely fine!

- Blog more. I'm sooo not a writer. It doesn't come easy to me. I have all these ideas in my head and it's so hard for me to put them down on paper in a way that people actually want to read what I say. 

  • It has become part of my process for every wedding to blog the wedding with the sneak peeks. So this has been semi accomplished. Still need to work on blogging random blog posts and things that will help out brides and other photographers.

- Book wedding clients that believe that photography is one of the most important aspects of the day! I think every vendor wants a client that believes their services are the most important of the day haha. So I don't think this is a bad goal. 

  • I have definitely seen a trend in this in late 2016 and early 2017 bookings. I am now being booked for my style and not my price tag....and it is awesome!!! 

- Redo my kitchen. Ok so this isn't a photography goal. Buuuutttttt I have been able to build my business in a way that it is paying for my kitchen reno. Yay! I'll be sure to post before and after pics! 

  • We DID accomplish this one!! I will be doing a post on this specifically. My red kitchen is awesome!

- Update my actual families own photos. So this seems like it'd be an easy task. I seem to fall behind in my family photos. I take them....but never post them! So this year I am determined to actually do my family photos semi regularly. I have two beautiful little girls so this should be a semi easy task to accomplish. 

  • We have actually went out multiple times and took photos of our beautiful munchkins. However, I still haven't taken family photos!

- Make some financial goals and start planning my switch to a full time photographer! 

  • This is in the works (and always will be).  

-Doing a blooper reel of Dan and I at live weddings. I've seen some photographers do this and I think it gives some hilarious insight to what a wedding day is like from the photographers standpoint.  

  • So we have semi accomplished this. Our blooper reel is more of us making funny faces as we're testing lighting. Hopefully 2017 we'll catch more of each other during the wedding day. 

- Send out Christmas Cards. So in light of the holiday season I want to send cards every single year. However, things always get super crazy and it just never happens.  

  • Yeah, this didn't happen. Putting on the goals for 2017!

- Plan mini session marathons for each season. Once again, easier said then done. However, in the next few years I am determined to do this!  

  • This did not happen either. HOWEVER, I am already in the works of planning Christmas mini's for 2017.

- Update ALL my social media sites. So Facebook seems to be the most used social media site. There are sooo many more out there. However, I need to start small and get all the ones I'm currently a part of a little more up to date. This is no small feat! 

  • This has been gradually better. Pinterest is now on the list of things getting updated regularly. And thanks to a handy plug in for my editing program, Instagram is as well!

- Do live videos of things!!! Things I've learned, intros, live shoots you name it! I'm determined in the next 2 years to have tons of videos and slideshows that will help clients and other photogs get to know what I'm about and what type of services I offer.  

  • This is still a work in progress. 

- Get to know my clients more. I want to know my wedding clients full stories. How they met, their engagement and their wedding!! 

  • I now include a pre wedding "getting to know you" questionnaire for all my wedding clients. 

- Start a blog for other photographers. 

  • I started this but it has been lacking. On the list for 2017!

- Get on a preferred list from local wedding venues and other vendors. 

  • There are a few venues that recommend Catrina Carlson Photography for photography services to clients. However, this will always be a work in progress.

-Connect with other wedding vendors and other photographers. 

  • Done and work in progress. I still want to form better relationships with other vendors and photographers in the area. 


So what is in store for 2017? 

Getting published!!! I am now actually submitting my work to be published by different blogs or magazines as part of my regular process. 

Setting up Christmas Minis in a temporary studio

Looking into setting up a studio share where I can rent the studio out to other photographers in the area in need of indoor space for different sessions. 

Sending out regularly scheduled tips to my brides for their wedding day. 

Blogging on other subjects other than just weddings. 

Start to financially plan my move to full time photographer!

Get my family photos actually done by another photographer!


I know we all my "resolutions" that many of us don't keep. I am desperately going to try to keep everyone of my goals that I am making for my business. Keeping them is key in helping me being able to move into a full time photographer and eventually have my husband join me full time. Time to start working on a 5 year plan!!!