I know it's super cheesy, but the approach of new years always has me re-evaluating things. How the past year went, what I can do better and how I'm progressing towards my overall dreams in life.

2021 was amazing! The clients, the memories we got to capture, everything! It was a bit challenging as we never have so many weddings in November. So fitting in holiday sessions around those weddings was probably the hardest part of the year. But it was the most successful year we have had to date and I have my amazing clients to thank for it!!

I realize something during my endless time watching reels and other posts that my dream is yes, to be a full time photographer. BUT my biggest dream, is financial freedom. I'm not sure if it stemmed from how I grew financially struggling up or just the different path's I've taken over the years.

But I dream of waking up and realizing that during the slow season, we have a week of free time. Turning over to my hubby and asking where we want to go explore this week.

Of doing my editing during the day while my kids are at school so I can be fully present with them.

Of making a homemade dinner every night instead of scrambling to put something on the table after a hard day at my 9-5.

Of just being at peace.

Of not answering to a boss.

I often get asked why I am not doing photography full time just yet. Financial Freedom is my reason!

Last year we put a plan into place to pay off our mortgage by February of 2025. I'm a big believer of speaking something into existence. It wasn't until I put a number on how much I wanted to pay off each year that it actually came to be.

So I'm speaking it here to help keep me on track. 2025 (or sooner) I will pay off my mortgage, save 8 months worth of bills and peace out of my job no later than November 2025.

It's time to dream and make action plans on fulfilling them!

Friend, I hope you have a dream. Something that fires you up. No matter how big or how small, having something that gets you pumped up and excited makes the everyday, the hard days and the easy days, so much more bearable!