What started out as some simple texts back and forth grew into forever after. After trying to meet up many times and failing, Corey kicked it old school and made dinner reservations at Corked, a restaurant in downtown Bethlehem and picked her up at her house. There is something super sweet about going old school :)

It was on that first date that Corey knew she was super special. He was completely attracted to her smile and how it lit up a room. 

Marisa and Corey hosted their wedding in the backyard of her childhood and now their home. The beautiful white tent was set up out back and helped keep us dry from the crazy thunderstorms we had!!! We started the day off with cocktail hour and then the guests found their seat to get ready for the ceremony. As soon as Marisa and Corey got ready to walk down the isle, the rain stopped! Talk about perfect timing! 

They danced and chatted all night and we ended the night by being able to capture some fireworks that were going on from the street. Not sure who was setting them off but it was great to be able to celebrate and get some pics with them!  

Congrats you guys!!