Tis the season for engagements!!

I know so many say to start with the venue. However, I am going to say there is something else that would need to be a few other items that would need to be determined first....something that will help determine your venue.

Here are my first 5 things to plan when planning your wedding

  1. Set your budget. It's not a super fun part of the planning process but it's an absolute necessity. Start looking around at a few vendors just to get a guesstimate of what the costs might entail.
  2. How many guests you are planning to have. Some venues, while beautiful, can only accommodate about 70-80 people. If your guest list exceeds this, it might be nice to know this going into the wedding planning process rather than getting hooked on a venue and having the task of narrowing down your guest list.
  3. Next start making appointments to visit venues.
  4. Finalize your wedding date
  5. Once your venue is booked, you should work on booking your other "big" vendors. By big vendors, I mean the ones that can only do one event per day. So your photographer, videographer, DJ etc.